Clean Slate Mediation is a new and innovative mediation and alternative dispute resolution service available in Tarrant County and surrounding areas. Our personal lives as a successful coparenting team, with our professional experiences and backgrounds, provide families a unique, inexpensive, and understanding opportunity to create a strong coparenting plan and path forward, together. CSM understands that “coparenting” is a term that is foreign and difficult for many people. We also offer training through our Co-parenting Academy, Individual Life and Family Coaching, and Referrals to community resources for families who may benefit from more focused support, while still remaining out of the court system backlog. We are very proud of our success as coparents, and we appreciate how this relationship has made our lives easier. As coparents and friends, we often say we’ve taken coparenting to the next level!  We look forward to helping other families get there too!


To help families find the most efficient, affordable, healthiest path to successful children-centered coparenting. We do so by offering competent, real-life, innovative experience to

help families in any circumstance work together to come to a lasting and peaceable agreement.



Families work best when they coparent effectively together. Getting there isn’t easy for everyone. We are proud coparents and we thrive on helping other families learn to do the same!



A community in which families of all circumstance find a fast and peaceful resolution to their conflicts and create a lasting path to best support their children and families. Together.



Our Methods Work!!

Life is so much easier now that everyone gets along!

- Our Kids!